What Should I Do About Back Pain After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, your system is full of adrenaline and you may not immediately realize the extent of your injuries. Unless the paramedics decide you absolutely have to go to the hospital, they will give you the option to go home. That seems reasonable given that even the mildest car accident can leave you sore and uncomfortable, but if you’re at home and realize that your back is really in pain, what should you do? A back pain doctor like one from AmeriWell Clinics may have suitable treatment options. Here are three steps to dealing with back pain after a car accident.

Find a Doctor to Receive Treatment

If you find you’re experiencing back pain following a car accident, don’t wait, receiving treatment from a chiropractor may help. Your pain and injuries can worsen, and they can become much more difficult to treat. Taking action right away and going to a chiropractor earlier is recommended because they can address your condition while it’s mild.

Waiting longer could mean that you can face significant expenses if you do end up needing further medical treatment. Whiplash can occur in accidents at speeds of 10 mph or less. You’re better off going and finding out that it’s the normal aches and pains of recovery than not going and finding out later that you have a significant injury.

Treating Minor Soft-Tissue Injury

You’ve gone to the chiropractor and established that your pain is the normal soft-tissue injury that comes from straining your back and neck during a collision. At this point, there are four steps to treating this pain at home:

  1. NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen can provide pain relief and reduce swelling.
  2. Rest and ice also help reduce swelling but should only be used for the first few hours.
  3. Movement and heat are recommended for longer-term healing. Try walking, yoga and swimming along with heat application to help speed fibrinogen, leukocytes and fibroblasts to the injury.
  4. Therapy with a massage therapist or physical therapist includes manual manipulation that can help increase circulation and reduce stress. They’ll also give you exercises that will strengthen the injured area.

Schedule a Consultation with a Back Pain Doctor

Finally, whether you have a minor injury or your back pain is the signal of a serious problem, schedule an appointment with an experienced back pain doctor. They’ll be able to recommend treatment options such as spinal manipulation and heat therapy so that you can eliminate your pain and recover quickly. Arrange an appointment with a trusted back pain doctor so that you begin your path to recovery.