Hypoxia Lawyer Orlando, FL

Any hypoxia lawyer Orlando, FL could trust will tell you that the brain is a delicate organ requiring a constant oxygen supply to remain healthy and functional. Oxygen deprivation for even a few minutes may be enough to cause permanent damage. During a difficult childbirth, doctors must be careful to prevent oxygen deprivation, known as hypoxia, in order to avoid brain damage or hypoxia birth injury. Since 1988, residents of Lakeland, Orlando, and Central Florida have relied on the Orlando medical malpractice attorneys at David & Philpot, PL after hypoxia birth injury has occurred. The hypoxia lawyer Orlando, FL residents turn too understands how to prepare an effective medical malpractice case and win in court when the stakes are high.

About Hypoxia Birth Injury

Cerebral hypoxia is a condition in which the brain is deprived of oxygen, causing mild to severe brain damage. The medical professionals involved in labor and delivery are responsible for taking appropriate action to prevent hypoxia-related brain injury. When they fail to do so, the hypoxia lawyer Orlando, FL trusts may be able to hold them accountable in court for their mistakes.
Because the brain requires a steady supply of oxygen to remain healthy and functional, a brief interruption to that supply can cause permanent brain injury or even death. It is often difficult to determine the extent of damage until developmental delays and other indicators become obvious. Children who suffer from an hypoxia birth injury commonly experience developmental problems, including mental retardation and emotional disorders. Hypoxia may also contribute to cerebral palsy and related nerve disorders.

Hypoxia and Medical Malpractice

In most cases, hypoxia occurs due to a delay in delivery. Doctors are responsible for taking appropriate measures to ensure that a delay during the crucial late stages of the delivery process does not result in brain damage. The fetus must be monitored closely for signs of distress, and measures must be taken to prevent hypoxia, which can lead to a hypoxia birth injury. If necessary, doctors may perform a C-section to remove a baby that is stuck and in imminent danger of suffering a brain injury.
When a doctor in the Orlando, Florida area fails to take appropriate precautions to prevent hypoxia, resulting in a brain injury, the hypoxia lawyer Orlando, FL turns to knows how to take action. We represent families with injured newborns against the negligent medical professionals who are responsible. Your child’s injury deserves a well-organized, effective legal response. If your newborn has suffered a hypoxia birth injury, fill out our free case evaluation form today or contact us directly at 800 360-7015. Our hypoxia birth injury attorneys can help ensure that your injured child gets the high-quality treatment he or she deserves.