The Car Accident Tips Everyone Must Know

Car Accident Lawyer Longwood, FL

Due to the surprising and sudden nature of car accidents, victims may be left feeling frustrated and confused about what to do next. In many cases, victims must deal with bodily injury, vehicle damage, and financial hardship. There are certain tips and tricks that every person must know about, when recovering from loss associated with a car collision. One of the most useful ways to find out more about how to overcome this setback, is to consult with a legal professional who understands legalities and can advise you based on your best interest.

#1 Take a Photo of the Other Driver’s Information

Unfortunately, not everyone behaves with the highest moral compass. When faced with the repercussions of causing an accident, the other driver may try to provide you with false information. When exchanging details, take a photograph on your phone of the driver’s identification and insurance card. If the driver is reluctant to let you do this, wait for an officer to arrive and request assistance. It can be suspicious for a driver to become defensive and reluctant to give you information, such as their name, address, from of contact, policy number, insurance carrier, driver’s license number, and license plate number. These details are all quite normal to request in the midst of an accident.

#2 Don’t Leave Without Looking for Witnesses

A commonly forgotten about element of proof is witness statements. Before leaving the scene, look around for any potential witnesses. In very serious accidents, bystanders tend to hang around and make sure everyone involved is okay. Don’t be too shy to ask a good samaritan who has offered to help for his or her contact details. Your car accident lawyer Longwood, FL offers can call or email this witness and ask questions in the days after for a summary of how they saw the crash occur. Witness statements can be beneficial for your car insurance accident claim, and lawsuit if you sue the driver who hit you for damages.

#3 Don’t Let Awkwardness Get to You

Car accidents can be very awkward, where both drivers may be upset but are trying to be cordial as best they can. It can feel uncomfortable to hang around the scene with this person as you wait for an officer to arrive to make a report. Because of this tension, a driver may be tempted to apologize even if the accident wasn’t their fault, as a way to neutralize the situation. However, any statements related to fault may be used during the insurance battle and/or lawsuit, potentially causing one driver to appear guilty when they were actually innocent.

#4 Limit Conversations with Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters investigate reported car accidents, to establish whether a company should pay for losses and how much the claim is worth. An insurance adjuster is likely to perform various inspections, assessments, and evaluations before determining the outcome. One of the ways an adjuster may try to save the company money is by seeing how they can minimize the driver’s claim. They may do this through sneaky tactics, such as asking for a statement from the victim and using their words against them.

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