Florida truck accidents caused by unqualified drivers

Florida Truck Accident Attorney Tim David Weighs In

Interstate highways and other major roads are filled with large trucks. These semi-tractor-trailers and other large vehicles transport all types of goods across the state or across the country so that stores have the inventory they need to operate. However, unqualified and dangerous drivers, posing a risk to everyone on the road, are now driving many of these trucks. When they cause a serious crash, the victims are sometimes left with permanent injuries or other problems for which the drivers and their employers must be held accountable.

Federal Regulations Regarding Commercial Truck Drivers

Large commercial trucks belong to a class of vehicle that is not only regulated by state laws but by federal rules as well. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the government is the agency charged with overseeing these regulations. In order to drive a large truck such as a semi, the federal government outlines many requirements. Here are a few of the key requirements.

Commercial truck operators must;

  1. Be able to speak, read and write English
  2. Be at least 21 years old
  3. Be trained to safely operate the vehicle
  4. Be physically qualified to operate the vehicle
  5. Have a current valid commercial driver’s license in only one state
  6. Have a list of any motor vehicle violations in past years on file

The federal government also imposes restrictions on when and how much drivers can drive; when they must take rest breaks; how often they must inspect their vehicles; and what types of actions must be taken to correct any problems. Drivers are required by law to keep a log of their activities, including how often and how long they drive and how often their vehicles are serviced. If they fail to do so or to produce these records when required, they and their employers may face sanctions.

Commercial truck drivers must also comply with the regulations for the states in which they drive. Often, the regulations for truck drivers are different than for others. For example, many states require a lower blood alcohol limit to charge commercial truck drivers with DUI than for passenger vehicle operators.

Who Is Liable When Florida Truck Accidents Occur?

There can be a number of different parties who are liable when Florida truck accidents occur. Of course, the driver may be liable for careless or negligent actions; however, if it can be shown that the company hired an inadequately trained or unqualified driver, the employer may be liable as well. The company may also be liable if the driver does not comply with the regulations regarding record keeping or maintenance of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the average person does not usually have the specialized knowledge necessary to find these records or to interpret them. It is very important, when victims suffer injuries from a Florida Truck accident that an attorney with experience in handling these types of cases is called upon to demand the records and review them thoroughly. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or death from a accident involving a semi-truck, 18 wheeler, or other commercial vehicle, contact the Orlando truck accident attorneys at David & Philpot today for a free case evaluation.