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When the holidays come around, most people like to watch or set off their own fireworks. Fireworks can bring people together and be festive for all seasons. In 2016 there were 11,000 reported injuries and 4 deaths. It’s reported that 7,600 of those occurred between June 18th and July 18th. Injuries from fireworks could be the result of the misuse of fireworks, duds, even using illegal explosives. The amount of fireworks consumption has grown exponentially, with that comes more injuries. There are now only 3 states that ban the sale fireworks.

The American Pyrotechnics Association has stated that there is has been a rapid growth in videos on Youtube on how to do dangerous things with fireworks. While common sense would dictate not to follow these actions, 31 percent of firework related injuries in 2016 were being set off by children under the age of fifteen. The APA has been pushing to bring more awareness on how to handle fireworks and firecrackers.

Anyone who has dealt with fireworks has more than likely also hit a dud in their lifetime. Duds can be very dangerous and should be held with utmost care. If a dud is not cared for properly there could be dire consequences.

A few things to NOT do:

  1. Relight them.
  2. Throw them in the trash.
  3. Make and post videos.

Disposing of a dud could mean the difference between nothing happening and having to go to the emergency room or even death. Always have a bucket of water on hand. Use a shovel to pick up the dud and immediately put in the bucket of water. Completely submerge and let sit so it can cool completely. Take the dud out of the bucket of water and immediately put into a trash bag, and double bag it. This is to ensure that the dud cannot completely dry out. Keep any foot traffic away from the dud for at least 30 minutes.

Following safety recommendations can also decrease the chances of accidents. If setting off fireworks with children, it is always a good idea to go over a few things before going out.

  1. ALWAYS follow directions
  2. Use outdoors only
  3. Always have a bucket of water on hand.
  4. Never use illegal fireworks, or make your own
  5. Never give small children fireworks
  6. Never stand over the firework
  7. Use protective gear if lighting the fireworks

Using the above safety recommendations can significantly reduce the chances of someone you know getting hurt or having an accident. Only use legal fireworks. There have been reports of cars catching fire and injuring the occupants because the fireworks were not legal and more than likely had more more gunpowder than was legal. Use commons sense as well when dealing with fireworks for any occasion. Keep your loved ones safe. Consult with a Personal Injury attorney immediately in the event you are injured, such as the texas personal injury lawyer locals trust.

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