Filing the Accident Report After a Workplace Injury

Filing the Accident Report After a Workplace Injury

After being injured at work, you are generally entitled to workers’ compensation. Most injured employees are great at reporting their accidents because they want to move ahead with the claim, and most employers are great at filling the report because they want to get the incident over with. Unfortunately, there are some times when employers put up a fuss and either refuse or forget to get the accident report filed. What should you do then?

Your Rights as an Employee

Being an employee with workers’ compensation coverage means you are entitled to receiving benefits as soon as possible. If you have been responsible for doing your part and you’re just waiting on your employer, you can speak with him or her to see what’s going on. If your employer has already filed, it could be a hold-up with the state, and you should check to see what’s going on. It’s your right to receive compensation in a reasonable amount of time.

Your Employer’s Responsibility

Your employer has a lot of responsibilities related to workers’ compensation. First, the company you work for must have a workers’ comp compliance notice posted in each work location. They should also offer medical assistance to employees who become injured. Your employer also needs to make a report and send it to the workers’ compensation board office. Your employer should also send a copy to the insurance company.

What to Do If the Report Doesn’t Get Done

If your employer fails to send the report to the workers’ compensation board and the insurance company, you might have to take matters into your own hands. Rest assured, your boss won’t just be off the hook. Refusal to make a report of an injury often results in a misdemeanor and a fine.

The first thing you should do is contact the workers’ compensation board in your state. A representative will guide you through filing the right forms for your case. You should also work with an attorney to be sure you are properly represented. One form you’ll need to file is the WC-14, so be sure you ask about it when you contact someone.

Hiring an Attorney

Any time you are involved in a legal process, it’s nice to have an attorney by your side. To learn more about workers’ compensation and what you should do if your employer refuses to report your injury, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer, like a workers’ compensation lawyer in Wytheville, VA, to get started with the process.
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