What Can A Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me?

Most people give little thought to what personal injury attorneys do for their clients. If people think of personal injury lawyers at all, they often think of huge settlements that are reported on the major news networks. However, personal injury attorneys represent victims of all types of accidents, including those who have relatively small settlements. Personal injury attorneys represent accident victims in these claims, but they also serve other purposes to their clients.

In fact, personal injury lawyers offer a great deal to their clients, including protection of their rights, representation against large companies that want to deny them compensation, maximizing their settlements and navigating the complex world of civil lawsuits. It is very important that anyone who is injured in an accident retain a personal injury attorney to fight for their legal rights and to help them recover the largest settlement or judgment possible.

Personal Injury Attorneys Protect Client Rights

It is hard for many people to believe that insurance companies violate victim rights every day, but this is, unfortunately, what happens when the victims do not have legal representation. Insurance companies often answer to shareholders or a board of directors that measure success in how much money the company is able to avoid paying in claims. Therefore, insurance companies will go to great lengths to prevent a victim from collecting compensation for a personal injury. Auto accidents are a good example as we wrote about in our article on 7 reasons insurance companies deny auto accident personal injury claims.

One reason that an Orlando personal injury attorney is able to help the victim recover a larger settlement from an insurance company is because the attorney is not fooled by the insurance company’s maneuvers. The insurance company will try to win the victim over and encourage him or her to settle quickly. A personal injury lawyer knows the amount to which the victim is entitled and will not allow the client to settle for less than this amount.

Personal Injury Attorneys Maximize Settlements

A victim may be offered an amount that sounds lucrative immediately after an accident. However, the victim may not realize that this is most likely a fraction of what the case is actually worth. Every day, victims settle out of court with insurance companies for relatively small amounts of money simply because they do not know how to maximize their settlements.

An Orlando personal injury lawyer can help these victims obtain the highest possible settlement amount. A personal injury attorney knows the expenses the victim can claim in a lawsuit, including payment of medical bills, sums for pain and suffering and reimbursement for lost wages as well as other expenses. When an attorney has experience in dealing with a variety of personal injury cases, he or she can offer insight into how to maximize a claim and recover the largest possible settlement that includes every type of compensation available.

Personal Injury Attorneys Guide Clients Through the Legal Maze

Legal representation is crucial if you are going to file a lawsuit. The entire legal system is complicated and difficult to understand, even for lawyers. It is almost impossible for a non-lawyer to file a claim that results in the largest possible settlement. Lawyers study for many years to learn the complexities of the legal system. It is usually wise to retain a personal injury attorney any time you may have a claim for injuries.

It is especially critical to have the help of a personal injury attorney if the case goes to trial. A civil trial is an extremely complicated undertaking, and while a victim has the right to represent himself or herself, this is usually not the best decision. An Orlando personal injury lawyer can represent the victim at trial and attempt to bring in the largest possible verdict.

If you are facing the expenses related to a personal injury, contact an Orlando personal injury attorney immediately to protect your rights and maximize your settlement.