Using Accident Reconstruction Experts in Truck and Car Accident Claims

If you, a loved one or family member has been injured in a Florida car accident, or semi truck collision it may be necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit, or claim in order to obtain the compensation required to fully compensate you for your injuries. In order to win your case it is necessary to determine the cause of the accident and establish liability or fault. This can be a complicated process particularly, when the parties involved have differing recollections of the events that immediately preceded the collision. It is these situations where accident reconstruction may be necessary.

What is accident reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction is the forensic process of examining every aspect of an accident including weather conditions, road conditions and lighting at the time of the crash. It often involves taking pictures of and/or inspecting the scene and taking photographs at different angles. Accident reconstruction experts are often engineers, or have engineering backgrounds.

Further, an accident reconstruction often requires examining debris, collision points, skid marks, black box truck data, and other crash damage; all of this can assist in drawing conclusions regarding negligence. Securing eyewitnesses statements and interviewing them about important details is also necessary. Also, conducting an examination of the vehicles involved by thoroughly inspecting for the existence of malfunctioning components, like tires, steering, brakes, lights is important.

How can an accident reconstruction expert help my case?

In order to obtain compensation for your damages (injuries, medical bills, property damage, loss of wages, etc), you must prove negligence of the other party involved.

Accident reconstruction experts are able to:

  • Evaluate the physics of the accident scene;
  • Accurately calculate the speed and direction each vehicle was traveling at the time of the accident;
  • Determine the exact circumstances that led to the accident and how the damages occurred;
  • Testify as to their findings in trial, or to insurance company representatives.

An accident reconstruction expert can help prove your case when there is a dispute regarding fault. Insurance companies seldom agree on who caused the crash. The defense will often try and spin the facts to imply you should have avoided the accident or try to shift fault by claiming that you were negligent. By utilizing the services of a qualified accident reconstruction expert, the true facts of the crash can be uncovered and innocent people can be protected.

The process of getting to the truth

Once the site investigation, vehicle inspection, and eyewitness interviews have been completed, the reconstruction expert will go to work analyzing and interpreting the data. This analysis includes but is not limited to;

  • Identifying actions that could have been taken on either side to avoid the accident and/or reduce injuries
  • Evaluating commercial maintenance regulations, compliance with them, and if applicable, how they played a role
  • Creating computer simulated animations of the crash using diagrams or 3D animation
  • Analyze the victim injuries and utilize the science of kinematics to help explain the occupant movement or ejections during the crash.
  • Review and document any driving errors
  • Prepare a final report that compiles all of the findings. This report often forms the basis for the expert’s testimony during trial.

Examples of accident reconstruction videos used in trial

Truck Accident Reconstruction Video

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction Video

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