Truck Accident Lawyer

What Are Common Types of Truck Accidents? 

Truck Accident LawyerTruck accidents can be devastating, causing thousands of dollars in property damage and leaving multiple victims with severe injuries. There are about 5,000 fatalities that occur from truck accidents annually. Many of those accidents are caused by another driver’s negligence. 

The consequences of a truck accident can impact victims long after an accident, leaving them with high medical costs for treatment, future medical care costs, lost income, reduced earning capacity, and more. It is imperative that you talk to a truck accident lawyer like one from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A., if you have sustained injuries from a truck accident that another person caused so that they can fight for your rights. 

Common types of truck accidents that a lawyer often sees includes: 

Tire Blowouts

A truck’s tire can blow out suddenly on the road, causing a serious accident. The tire can cause the truck driver to lose control of the truck and strike other vehicles or rollover. 

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident usually occurs with trucks that have a trailer attached. This happens when a truck’s trailer swings and moves so that it is against the truck. When this occurs, people or cars can become lodged in between.

Head-On Collisions

These types of collisions are common along two-lane highways with no barrier. Truck drivers often experience fatigue or sleepiness which cause them to drift to the other side of the road. Other times a driver may become impatient and try to overtake a slower vehicle by driving into oncoming traffic. If they misjudge the distance a head-on collision may occur.  

Rear-End Accidents

Drivers who are behind trucks and are not paying attention to the traffic patterns around them can cause a rear-end collision. If they brake too late and are behind a truck, they can become stuck behind the truck. Rear-end accidents can result in severe head and back injuries. 

Brake Failure 

If a truck is not maintained properly or has defective parts because of a manufacturer issue, a brake failure can occur and cause a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. It is difficult to regain control of a truck because of its size and weight.  

Physical recovery after a truck accident can be complicated further by the strain of financial and emotional stress. Don’t pass up the opportunity to discuss what compensation you may be entitled to. Talk to a lawyer about filing a truck accident claim so that you can receive the settlement that you deserve.