The Value of Your Case

One of the top questions that personal injury clients have about their case is how much will it be worth? When it comes to personal injury claims, there is no average settlement amount. There are too many types of personal injury claims and every case is different. There are a few ways, however, that you can establish the value of your case. Here is what you should do if you have a PI claim.

Gather Evidence to Establish Fault

To file a personal injury lawsuit, you have to be able to establish negligence. The best way to build your case is to have evidence. For example, make sure that you take pictures of all injuries and damages. Keep track of all of your medical records. If you have police reports or photos of the accident, make sure to bring those to your consultation with a lawyer.

Contact a Lawyer for an Accurate Estimate

Personal injury lawyers have a formula to help determine the value of your case. First, he or she will take medical expenses, property damages, lost wages and any other lost income into consideration and add it together. In some instances, you may also be able to claim pain and suffering.

To calculate pain and suffering, lawyers have a multiplier. Generally, they will multiply your actual damages by a number between one and a half and five. The higher the number, the more serious your pain and suffering.

Negotiate With Insurance Adjuster

When you begin negotiations with an insurance adjuster, make sure that you have a settlement amount in mind. Take your lawyer’s advice and do not let yourself sink below that number. If the adjuster offers you a low settlement, ask him or her to justify it. You do not have to accept any settlement from the insurer. While most personal injury cases do settle out of court, you should never jump on the first offer. Discuss your options with your lawyer every step of the way. If he or she believes that you should take a settlement, then odds are your lawyer does not think you could get a better deal if it went to trial or wouldn’t be worth the risk.