The Importance of Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been in a car accident you should reach out to a car accident lawyer. And if you’ve been in a car accident you may think that you understand how car accident claims were, but if you’ve never been in a car accident while pregnant then there are a few things that you are missing.

Over 200,000 people are pregnant and involved in police reported accidents in the United States each year. And obviously for a pregnant person, the injuries that they have suffered are not just going to be our own; their own unborn child may also be injured. So if you or your loved one suffered injuries in an accident while pregnant and your child was also injured you are eligible for compensation for both you and the child.

The United States National Library of Medicine determines that vehicle accidents are going to be one of the largest single causes of traumatic fetal injuries and mortality rate, 1500 to 5000 fetal losses happen each year because of car accidents. And loss of the child is not the only danger for mothers who are involved in vehicle accidents, because car accidents can cause a plethora of dangerous complications to pregnancy that can endanger the mother’s life.

A vehicle accident may cause placental abruption which means that the placenta has detached from the uterine wall and is restricting blood flow and oxygen to the fetus. This often requires an emergency C-section as soon as it is diagnosed. Because this requires immediate surgery, this can lead to complications in the child because the child may not be viable.

Vehicle accidents can also cause uterine rupture and while this is very rare this is when the uterus tears or ruptures and the baby loses all oxygen and requires immediate delivery to avoid other injury to the child. With uterine rupture the mother is often losing blood as well

Maternal shock is something that is specific to pregnant women who are involved in an accident, they essentially go into hypovolemic shock due to losing a lot of their blood volume all at one time. This is about an 80% fatality rate for the child.

Direct fetal trauma is another result of car accidents and this is when the fetus suffers an injury, instead of something happening to the pregnant woman to cause the injury. This often had injuries to the fetus, and this is because depending upon the way the woman was sitting in the car the accident occurred her stomach may take a lot of the impact.