Safety Alert: Samsung Washing Machine Recall

It isn’t only Samsung smartphones that are blowing up as of late. A recent recall shows that over 33 models of Samsung top loading washing machines are blowing up too. On November 4th, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an official recall notice of about 2.8 million units, stating that the washing machine tops can unexpectedly detach from the washing machine chassis during use and pose a risk of injury from impact.

Dangerous Safety Issues

The CPSC has received 21 reports of washing machines malfunctioning and blowing their tops off. One instance resulted in a small fire that threatened to harm a mother and her child. She is suing Samsung along with several other people in New Jersey court.

Samsung has received 733 reports of washing machines experiencing excessive vibration or the top detaching from the unit. There are nine related reports of injuries, including broken bones and other impact or fall-related injuries.

While CPSC and Samsung have not listed the exact reason for these machine malfunctions, one attorney involved with the case believes that a faulty support rod is to blame. When this support rod comes loose during a load of washing, the top of the machine may blow off, it’s claimed.

Samsung’s Planned Remedies

In order to recoup some of their losses and better serve their customers, Samsung is offering three remedies for those who have purchased these faulty machines.

The first option is to go with a free repair that will reinforce the top of the washing machine while also extending the machine’s warranty by one year automatically.

The second option is to receive a rebate towards purchasing a brand new Samsung washing machine as well as the free removal of the affected unit.

The third and final option is for the consumer to receive a full refund if purchased within 30 days from the Recall notice (November 4th 2016).

Samsung has stated that everyone who has been affected by this recall will be provided with a Home Label Kit in order to present an added measure of safety for any future use. This will show you what to do to prevent any further incidents. Before receiving their Home Label Kit, it’s advised that people keep their washing machine on a low setting in order to reduce the risk of failure and injury.

What you should do if you own a defective Samsung washing machine

If you own a Samsung top-loading washing machine, you should confirm if it is one of the models affected by the recall. Model numbers and serial information can be found on two labels affixed to the back of the washing machines. After noting this information, go to the CPSC website, or Samsung’s recall page to see if your model is included. Both of these sites include information on the 3 options available to correct the issue.

If you or a family member have been injured by one of these machines, contact a product liability attorney at David & Philpot, P.L. today. It’s important that you take the steps necessary to protect your rights and if necessary, obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries. The personal injury attorneys at David & Philpot, P.L have been representing victims of dangerous products for over 20 years and are standing by to help you. Contact us today at 800.360.7015.