Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Businesses

Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Businesses

If you have been seriously injured on the property of a business, you may not know what to do. First, you should take care of yourself physically. Attending to your injuries is the most important task when you are hurt. Once you are physically and medically stable, you can begin evaluating options for filing a suit against the business that caused you harm. Keep reading for further information on steps to take after an injury.

1. Document the Injury

In the event that you are injured at a place of business, document the incident. Take photographs of the exact location where your injury occurred. Note the time and place and ask any witnesses for a written statement and for their name and contact information. Additionally, take photos of your injury. For example, if you fell and injured your ankle, photograph your ankle and the surrounding area.

Along with documenting the scene of the accident and your injuries, you will need to document any medical costs that resulted from the incident. Further, you should document the time you missed at work and any other unexpected expenses that you incurred as a consequence of the injury.

2. Explore Your Legal Options

After you have tended to and documented your injury, it is time to explore your options for legal action against the business at which your incident occurred. You can meet with several personal injury lawyers to determine who would best represent you in a lawsuit against the company that caused your incapacitation. You may consider asking each attorney how they bill their clients and how successful they are in these types of cases. Additionally, you may want to ask how much experience they have litigating personal injury lawsuits.

3. File a Lawsuit

Once you have selected the attorney you would like to represent you, if he or she believes you may have a decent case against the defendant, you will file a complaint against that business in court. At this time, the other party must be served with notice of the complaint. The defendant should respond within a given timeframe either admitting or denying the allegations brought forth in the complaint. The lawsuit will proceed from this point through the court procedure in your locality.

If you believe you may have a cause for a personal injury lawsuit, set up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.