Night Time Semi Truck Accidents

Semi trucks are often driven straight through the night when a trucker is trying to reach a destination in a limited amount of time. Truck drivers often prefer to drive at night because the highways are relatively deserted and traffic jams are kept to a minimum, particularly around large urban areas.

Unfortunately, driving at night can also have serious consequences if other vehicles do not see the semi truck, particularly if the driver is pulling a trailer. Lights and conspicuity tape are required for many types of trucks to make them more visible and enhance safety on the nighttime roads.

Preventing Semi Truck Accidents – What Types of Visibility Signals Are Available?

Semi truck drivers use a wide variety of types of signals to warn others drivers of the vehicle’s presence. For example, semis can have many different types of lights in white, amber and red for maximum visibility under almost any circumstances.

Furthermore, semi truck drivers often use what is called “conspicuity tape” on their trailers. This tape is highly reflective and can be applied in strips down the sides or across the back of a trailer to aid in visibility. Because the tape is applied along the bed of the trailer, passenger vehicle drivers who venture too close to the trailer itself easily see it.

Lighting and Conspicuity Tape Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require lighting and conspicuity tape be placed on various types of vehicles to enhance safety. For example, semi trucks are required to have tail lamps, stop lamps, reflex reflectors both intermediate and rear as well as on the front sides, side marker lamps and warning flashers. When trailers are added, conspicuity tape is also required so that other drivers can see the trailer, even during a turn.

What Can Happen If A Semi Does Not Have Proper Visibility Signals?

While regulations about lamps and tape vary from vehicle to vehicle, all regulations exist to ensure that everyone can see semi trucks and trailers at night or under poor weather conditions. If a trailer does not have conspicuity tape, for example, other drivers may not see the trailer if the semi driver makes a left turn. Trailers that are not easily visible create an instant and very dangerous road barrier for passenger vehicle drivers and can easily cause a serious accident.

Visibility signals are very important for the protection of both semi drivers and other drivers on the road. If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident, it is important to have an attorney who understands these regulations and can address possible lack of compliance on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. The truck accident attorneys at David & Philpot, P.L., have been helping semi truck accident victims obtain fair and just settlements for over 20 years. Call us today for a free consultation (800.360.7015), or fill out our free case evaluation form and we will get right back with you.