How Do I Pay Medical Bills Before I Get My Settlement?

If you have been injured in an accident and do not have enough to cover your medical expenses while you wait for your settlement, you are probably wondering how to pay for them. Waiting on an insurance company to present an offer for a just settlement can take weeks, months, and even years. It may be worrisome or stressful to you if you cannot make ends meet without having to go into debt, but there are a few steps you can take to pay your medical expenses while you wait on your settlement. If you have a strong case in that you were severely injured or permanently hurt, you can contact a lender for a lawsuit loan so that you can pay for your medical expenses until a settlement is given. You can even have an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer trusts, vouch for your behalf to the lender; this will increase your chances of receiving a loan. It is common in cases where individuals have legal counsel representing them for insurance companies to want to settle out of court. This is good news because it may help you receive your settlement money even faster. You may even want to file a federal disability claim if your injury will take time to heal. You must obtain medical documentation from your doctor to do this. If your injuries take more than a year to heal, you can receive even more in a settlement. Consider setting up fundraising page for your medical expenses and sharing it on social media sites alongside your personal story and how you were injured. You can also consider having a yard or garage sale and enlist your friends for help. Selling your belongings you no longer use like old furniture and clothing on trade websites is also an option to help pay for medical expense payments in a time efficient way.

Contact an Attorney

You should also consider contacting an attorney immediately after discovering you cannot pay your medical expenses out of pocket. They can begin to work on your case and ensure that you receive your settlement money quicker. Often times, personal injury attorneys will not require any form of payment from you until after you receive a settlement. This can help you conserve your money earned before a settlement to pay for any medical expenses that are necessary.