Can Airbags Cause An Injury?

While many clients of an auto accident lawyer Lakeland, FL trusts assume that airbags can’t be to blame for injury because they were created to protect and guard passengers inside of a car, airbags are actually responsible for a lot of common permanent and immobilizing injuries that are sustained in car accidents. Although they are rare, injuries associated with airbags mean that the victim has gone through a traumatic accident. When impact is severe enough, car sensors deploy airbags that are hidden inside of the vehicle’s dashboard on the passenger side and within the steering wheel on the side of the driver. If the passenger or driver is sitting within two feet of the airbag when it is deployed, they run a higher chance of being hurt by it, as an auto accident lawyer Lakeland, FL relies on can explain. This is why it is advised that you sit at least ten to eleven inches from the airbag.

Due to airbags deploying at a high speed, the impact alone can cause very severe injuries. The deployment process of an airbag uses gases that are very hot and it can be very troublesome if the gases were to be released inside of the vehicle. A common cause for airbag injury that an auto accident lawyer Lakeland FL residents trust often sees, is when the airbag fails to deploy or even deploys very late. This is often seen in older vehicles because the airbag in them must deploy with a lot of force, which can cause fractured bones in the face, ribs, and sternum. Concussions are rare, but burns from the gases released are very common. TBI (traumatic brain injury), broken or sprained fingers and wrists, lacerations on the body and migraines are also common injuries sustained by airbag deployment.

Contact an Attorney

If you or someone close to you has been injured because of an airbag malfunction or force of deployment, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of your vehicle for compensation. You should consider contacting a personal injury attorney, like an auto accident lawyer Lakeland, FL residents turn to, to review your case and help decide if you should pursue a lawsuit or not. Compensation for medical bills and (if you cannot work because of your injury) lost wages are the most likely forms you will receive. However, keep in mind that if you bring an attorney onboard and file a lawsuit, you may be required to prove in court that your airbag malfunctioned or was the cause of your injuries. Remember to retain as much information and evidence as possible at the crime scene, including keeping your deployed airbag if your car needs to be towed or is totaled. Do not give your vehicle to the insurance company before it is examined by the court.

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