Avoiding Weather Related Semi Truck Accidents

Weather-related semi truck accidents in Florida are often the result of heavy winds, driving rain or flooding. In a few rare cases, there may even be a Florida truck accident due to ice or snow. Weather factors have different effects on how cars and trucks operate, so it is important for truck drivers to be aware of possible weather hazards in order to reduce the number of accidents.

What Weather Factors May Influence Large Truck Performance?

Semis and other large trucks are affected by weather factors to the point that driving may become unsafe. For example, high winds can make a semi truck unstable when it is carrying a heavy load, making it more likely to overturn.

Here are some weather factors and how they affect the operation and performance of semis and other large trucks:

  • Wind. Wind can affect a semi driver in two ways: by making the load unstable or by reducing visibility on the road by blowing sand, water or snow across the driver’s field of vision.
  • Precipitation. Rain can affect truck drivers by changing the friction level of the highway, making it much more likely that the car will skid, or by putting water on the road that can form a barrier to travel. Additionally, rain may also reduce driver visibility, making an accident more likely. Snow can also cause skidding and reduced visibility but is much more likely to affect truck drivers on roads farther north.
  • Fog. Fog can be extremely dangerous as it reduces visibility, in some cases down to mere feet. When fog rolls in, it is best to drive very slowly in order to leave plenty of stopping room or to pull off the road altogether until the fog lifts. Trucks should also be equipped with good lighting that will make them highly visible, even in fog, to other drivers.
  • Pavement condition. Although pavement condition is not technically a weather factor, the condition of the road is definitely affected by weather. When roads suffer heaves and potholes, it can lead to a crash for unwary truck drivers.

How Can Weather-Related Semi Truck Accidents Be Avoided?

The best way to prevent a weather-related crash is by learning how to operate a truck in all types of weather and paying attention to conditions. If the rain or fog is too heavy, it is best to wait for some time before getting on the road. When that is not an option, it is important for truck drivers to use every possible strategy to drive defensively and to avoid a crash.

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