Appeals court affirms verdict for family

David & Philpot is pleased to report that a jury verdict for $2,900,000 was recently upheld by an appeals court in Florida. The case involved a doctor who was negligent in failing to properly secure a temporary dialysis catheter in a young mother’s neck. Instead of using the manufacturer’s wing clip and sutures, the doctor used tape. Several days later when the patient was changing her dressing, the catheter became dislodged and she bled to death.

The jury found the doctor’s negligence led to the catheter becoming dislodged and resulted in her death. From the outset the doctor and his medical malpractice insurance carrier denied any negligence. They never made an offer to settle this claim on behalf of the surviving child and husband. After a week long jury trial the jury returned a verdict finding against the doctor.

The doctor and his medical malpractice insurance carrier asked the appellate court to overtrun the verdict. In its decision the court of appeals denied the doctor’s attempt to overturn the jury verdict.

No amount of money could ever compensate a surviving husband and child for their loss however, easing the financial burden this grieving family now faces is fair and justified. A verdict like this also sends a strong message to the Doctor, insurance company and Hospital that failure to follow established standards of care will result in harsh penalties. We’re hopeful that this Doctor puts procedures in place to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring in the future.

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