After an Auto Accident: What Do You Say to the Insurance Adjuster?

Car Accident Lawyer

You will get a return phone call not long after calling the insurance company to let them know you were in an auto accident. If you already hired a car accident lawyer, refer the adjuster to them. However, if you haven’t hired an attorney yet, and you need to talk to the adjuster, you must understand what the conversation is all about. Remember, the insurance company isn’t there for you. The insurance company is a business, and they are trying to save as much money as possible. That means the adjuster will try to get you to settle for as little as possible.

The Adjuster

Although some adjusters do fieldwork and investigate the accident vehicles or sites, that occurs more often when the claims are going to run over $1,000,000. Most of the time, the adjuster reviews a few words someone wrote on a paper about your auto accident and then gives you a call to speak about it. That means you could be one in 50 accident victims the insurance representative speaks to in a day. He may ask:

  • Who was at fault?
  • Was there alcohol involved?
  • Was anyone injured?
  • Did you see a doctor?

The insurance reps are trained to ask questions that lead you in the conversation, so be careful about what you say.

The Caution

Statistics show that if the adjuster can get you to settle your accident claim before you hire an attorney, the costs will be much less for the insurance company. That is why you should be honest in your replies, never guess at something you don’t know, and if you feel uncomfortable, request time to talk to an attorney. If you are asked to estimate your vehicle’s damage, reply that only a mechanic would know that. If the insurance company wants to know about medical bills, answer truthfully, but remember you may not be done treating. Never say it was your fault during the conversation – even partially. If you do, the insurance company can deny your total claim.

The Attorney

Admitting you need the help of a knowledgeable car accident lawyer may be the best thing you can do after an auto accident. When you hire a car accident lawyer like one from Hall Justice Law Firm, they are on your side and work for you to get a fair insurance settlement. So, what do you say to the insurance adjuster when they call? Tell them to go talk to your lawyer.