5 Common Areas Where Car Accidents Happen

Car accidents come in many shapes and sizes, and while some can be fatal, others only result in a scratched bumper. Like there are many kinds of car accidents, there are also various places where a car accident occurs. We’ll be breaking down five of the most common areas prone to car accidents.

  1. Rural Areas

You might think car accidents happen the most in urban areas with traffic. However, proportionally, more car crashes are happening in rural areas. Not only do more car accidents occur in rural areas, but they result in more fatal crashes. Reasons for this may include cars not constantly stopping while in traffic and rural areas typically having worse road conditions.

  1. Stoplights

Stoplights are another place where car accidents happen. Sometimes a driver will get distracted or misjudge the time they need to brake. Other times, a person’s brakes might be faulty or fail to recognize that the light is red or about to turn red. Regardless of the reasons, stoplights result in rear-end collisions. Usually, these collisions aren’t too fatal. However, like any collision, they can still result in injury or car damage.

  1. Intersections 

It can be easy to forget who has the right-of-way at an intersection. Even if you have the rules of the road memorized and know precisely when it’s your time to go or stop at an intersection, the same can’t be said for every driver. A slight mishap can lead a driver to make a risky turn resulting in side-impact collisions.

  1. Garages and Parking Lots

Garages and parking lots can also result in car accidents. Backing out of a tiny spot in a parking garage is stressful for many people, and it’s not uncommon to accidentally hit another vehicle. Luckily, parking lots and garages have low-speed limits, and most people abide by these rules, meaning accidents usually aren’t fatal.

  1. Your Own Area

Your neighborhood or region poses the greatest threat. Most crashes occur within 25 miles of a person’s home. Besides the fact that you’ll spend more time driving in this area, many people go into auto-pilot when driving in their area.

Getting to and from work or to and from the grocery store might become second nature. Muscle memory takes over, and you can find yourself less aware of your surroundings.

When driving in a new area, however, it’s not uncommon to be hyper focused and extra cautious. While it can be a hard habit to break, you should always remain focused whether driving around the corner or across the country. But, of course, drivers also need to always buckle up and avoid driving while drowsy.

However, car accidents can still occur even when you do everything right. While you can control your driving behaviors, you can’t control everyone around you. If you are in a car accident, our lawyers at David & Philpot, P.L. can help you. We have a team of auto accident lawyers ready to assist!